Is it tomorrow yet?

We’re just going to forget (or just move past) the miserable work day that was this day.  This evening, on the other hand, was perfect.  An evening with my girlfriends at the Working Women of Tampa Bay Think Pink shopping event and now, I’m baking.  First things first, I was dreading going to an event tonight – especially after the day I had but as usual, my friends bring out the best in me.  Diane gets a special shout-out for always being such a great cheerleader for me.  So, tonight’s blog is dedicated to her.  She cheers me up, talks me up and kicks me in the ass just when I need it.  Thank you, Dinie.  A sip of wine.  “Window” shopping.  A mini-chair massage…aaahhh.  And a new Costco membership.

Next, baking.  I found the most delightful website that has the most delicious peanut-butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Oh yes.  They are the perfect mouthful.  The Brown-Eyed Baker.  A shout out to her, too.  Thank you for this recipe – it has become my “go-to” for sweet gifts to sweet people.  A pot-luck at my husband’s work.  A dessert for the Guardian ad Litem Volunteer Holiday party.  And a few for the Friday night “Board Meeting.”

Thank you to all my friends who reached out to me after reading today’s earlier blog.  You all are so much of what I am grateful for in my life.  Moving forward, moving on and focusing on positive things……”it will attract positive things.”  Thanks again, Diane.

Is it tomorrow yet?  I’m ready for a brand new day.


The gauntlet.

I have taken on a challenge.  Maybe you heard about the Uniform Project (  Well, to put it succinctly…it’s one dress, one cause.  Starting January 1, 2012, I will wear my “uniform”, a little black dress every day for 1 year.  Why?  This will be a great way to grow awareness and hopefully, raise A LOT of money for Voices for Children of Tampa Bay.  If you know me, you know that VFC is not just my charity of choice.  It is my passion.  We have to draw the dirty, little secret of child abuse, abandonment and neglect out of the dark and into the light.  No longer can we stand by and turn a blind eye to these children – children in our community who have no one to look out for them or speak for them.  Well, that’s what Voices for Children does – our sole existence is to help these children.  And I will spend each and every day of 2012 hopefully, bringing awareness and creating some buzz to help these kids.

The gauntlet has been thrown down.  Who wants to help me makes this little black dress – my uniform – unique each and every day?  Are you willing to donate accessories?  Scarves, pins, hats, costume jewelry?  Every day, my husband will take my picture and I’ll post it on a special website and Facebook ( ….like it!).  People will get to rate my outfit, comment and make suggestions….all for a price….hey, this is about raising money, too.

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