Just ask.

I spent the weekend up until last night with my sister in Phoenix.  It was spur of the moment and made possible by her generosity.  I had a blast!  My sister pampered me and kick my ass in ways that I needed oh so desperately….  It was relaxing and motivating.  Haaaayyy!

Anyway, last night on the flight back to Tampa – I listened to The Secret on my iPod.  A part that stood out to me was – and I paraphrase – be clear about what you want and ask for it.  Don’t worry about how or when it’s going to happen, just know that the universe will bring it to you.  I spent time (4 hour flight) writing down ideas and organizing my thoughts and I felt relaxed and positive, certain that my wish and desire would be fulfilled.  You see, I had been conflicted and concerned about starting my own business similar to what I was doing now (working for another company).  This morning I came in to the office only to find out that a meeting had been scheduled right before I got there.  What was the meeting about?  Changing the focus of my efforts in the business – completely opening up my ability to start my business on the side WITHOUT any conflict of interest.  I almost had goosebumps!

See?  All you have to do is just ask.


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